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Marquardt – HR Kampagne „create tomorrow“

Multi-Channel Kampagne für die globale Zielgruppe

Kunde: Marquardt

  • Entwicklung Markenname, Markenlogo, Brand-Manual
  • Einführungskampagne, Kampagnenmotive, Headlines
  • Photo und Video shoot, Videoproduktion
  • Web-Design
  • Social Media
  • Verpackungsdesign

Inform. creative. implement

Our challenge was to design a site that communicates the benefits, services and scale of the business, whilst making filtering and navigation intuitive and easy. Clockwise is all about flexibility and choice. Resultantly, leases, membership types and services all have a wide range of options, each varying in complexity. One person looking to book a meeting room for an hour has shorter term needs than a large-scale company weighing up the benefits of a flexible two year lease. We identified the site needed three key characteristics; be informative, be easily comparable and be easy to navigate. A site boasting these attributes would allow every user journey to be simple, regardless of the complexity of it’s content.


Campaign video

Hier kommt ein optimiertes Video mit kleinerer Dateigröße!


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